When white isn’t just white!!!

Warm or cool find out all you need to know before stepping into a paint store.

.....so you finally decide on white as your wall colour and suddenly you realise white isn’t just white 😳

that’s right 😂 it’s not JUST white and it can be a little daunting, but let’s narrow it down!

There are two types of whites: warm whites and cool whites. “Warm and cool whites have different undertones and can help set a mood within a room

Dulux’s most popular warm whites in Australia include:

• Dulux Natural White

• Dulux Antique White USA

• Dulux Whisper White

• Dulux Hog Bristle Quarter

Dulux’s top four cool whites in Australia include:

• Dulux Vivid White

• Dulux White on White

• Dulux Lexicon Quarter

• Dulux Lexicon

My favourite whites are bright and slightly blueish-toned. So when painting our home we decided on Dulux White on White it features throughout our home on both walls, skirtings and our 2pac kitchen cabinets.

{to see more of our colour selections for our home don’t miss this post}

Natural light has a big impact on the colours of your walls and white is no exception. If your room is really bright from lots of sunlight, you may want to avoid a warm white as it has yellow undertones. Try opting for a cooler white with blue undertones instead.

Whereas if you have a room that needs brightening up, adding a warm white on the walls or ceiling will help you to create more reflective surfaces and lighten up your room.

Which ever white you choose to go with make sure you patch test and be sure to view it at different times of the day as it will look different from morning light to afternoon light.

Remember though it's just paint, if you feel you have made the wrong decision or it's time for an update just simply paint it again, you are not stuck with it forever.

Happy painting,


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