Our pretty blue linen wallpaper dresser!

I have been dreaming of the Driftway Serena and Lily Dresser from the moment I saw it feature on @ChrissyMarieBlogs instagram account ... I mean its beautiful and who wouldn't fall in love with it instantly .....but it also comes with a big price tag and it is way out of my budget when shopping for a dresser. Even if I began to ask my husband for an almost $4000 dresser he would laugh at me.

So I set about coming up with ideas on how to create a dupe!

Here it is, I did it and I cannot believe how well it turned out. It really could have gone one of two ways, luckily it went the way I imagined it would.

I have had the Ikea Trava dresser for a while with full intentions of changing it into the blue dresser of my dreams, it also had a more realistic price tag of $299.

You will need

* linen look wallpaper from EuroWalls

Linen Style - Blue

price$69.00 (I used one roll, however you could purchase 2 if you are not confident)

* wallpaper paste I used the Shellys brand from Bunnings Warehouse

* 2 x paint tray and roller, one for the paint and the other for the wallpaper paste

* ruler, pencil, scissors and tape measure

* sharp utility knife

* broad knife

* sponge

* bucket and something to mix the paste with

* dress pins

* undercoat paint

First step, if your dresser is already constructed, grab your screw driver and Allen key and completely dismantle it and remove all hardware. Undercoat the entire dresser so that the linen wallpaper has something to adhere to otherwise the timber will just soak in all the wallpaper paste. Make sure to sand out any imperfections before you start wallpapering.

Second step, measure and pre cut each panel of wallpaper ensuring you have allocated enough to wrap around each edge.

Third step, mix up your wallpaper paste and start with one panel at a time, it's time consuming but it's 100% worth it.

I started with the drawer fronts and was able to fit two drawers within a 53cm wide wallpaper roll. (Disclaimer this is a very close fit and only just wraps around so measure twice and cut once or if you have purchased a second roll use the entire width to wrap one drawer front)

When folding the corners its just like wrapping a present... cut out a small square to avoid bulk wallpaper when folding the edges.

Whilst the glue was drying I secured the corners with a little pin to hold it down.

Just like wallpapering a wall, you will need to smooth out any air bubbles using your broad knife.

Take your time! the best part about wallpapering is it takes forever for the wallpaper glue to set so if you have to remove it and reposition don't worry you will not damage it.

Continue this process for every item until everything is wrapped.

Fourth step - now that it's all wrapped its ready to be put back together, make sure you have cut away any paper that is covering up cam locks or holes for the dowel.

Fifth step - place all the hardware back on and jump with excitement on just how amazing you are at creating the most gorgeous blue dresser all whilst saving saved $1000's of dollars.



Was it challenging? Yes, but not impossible.

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