HOW TO STYLE YOUR BED Try a simple pillow refresh. Here’s how.

Play with Scale

I love the look of euro's and pillowcases paired with an oversized lumbar.. You can also achieve a similar look with two square throw pillows as finishing layers on King beds.

The #1 Trick to Fluffy Bedding

I make my bed every morning, as soon as I get out of bed. Duvet fluffed and pillows punched. Best way to start your day. I use two of the IKEA - FJÄLLARNIKA duvet inserts. Having two not only adds weight but it’s super fluffy. This quilt is VERY warm and cosy, making it excellent for a cosy winter lie in. I’ve added two for that really fluffy magazine worthy bed!

My duvet cover is the IKEA - OFELIA VASS, it has some beautiful detailing and concealed press studs that keep the quilt in place. I also like to fold the duvet 1/4 of the way down then again half way down. I like to expose the bottom of the quilt by tucking the duvet under to add some fullness to the bottom of the duvet. Layering a throw at the end of the bed also adds to that fluffiness ..... make you want to jump in the bed look!

Pillow Inserts - We don’t sleep with down pillows but I love them inside all of my accent pillows. We use IKEA LUNDTRAV for the euro pillows as it has plenty of feathers and makes this pillow perfectly plump! They are both a mix of feather/down filling perfect for that chop look, placing the pillows you sleep with behind the euros instantly adds depth and makes the bed look more full.

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