How to style and warm up your entrance.

With winter in full swing I wanted to bring some warmth to our entry hallway whilst keeping our classic coastal feel.

I started by styling under the table… we always read about styling the top of the table, but, go under too.

I love the warmth and texture of the Pottery Barn woven baskets they’re great extra hallway storage and I’m storing all the boys shoes in them…. anything that includes extra storage is always a bonus.

Next, include a candle mines from Peppermint grove and it’s my fav candle store of all time!!! add some wall art, here I leaned the Pottery Barn frame against the mirror to add some layering, next throw down a rug, add a lamp to create soft lighting and in my case this also added height, don’t forget to create balance.

I’m just obsessed with Pottery Barn Bethany Lamp it’s a true statement and I’m so glad it’s takes pride of place in our entry.


Beachcomber Baskets - Pottery Barn

Bethany Urn Lamp - Pottery Barn

Picture Frame - Pottery Barn

Walls - Dulux White on White

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