Get that Hamptons | coastal feel! Fret work can change the entire feel of your home.

You can change the look and feel of your home by adding details like fret work. Interior fretwork is used to decorate hallways, window bays, doorways and other open spaces within a home. I love that it creates or re-creates a warm and charming entry to hallways and living rooms. Here we have used it in our entry hallway and the hallways towards the boys rooms. It's even featured in our walk-in robe (not pictured)

If you decided to add this to your home tag @hamptonsinhighfields on instagram, I would love to see your finished project.


  1. Cut 90 x 19mm Dressed pine to create a top and side plate to attach to ceiling and walls using a drop saw

  2. Cut Bottom plate to required length using 70 x 30 Dressed pine

  3. Cut droppers to approx. 300mm long using 42 x 30 Dressed pine. Droppers are spaced approx. 235mm apart

  4. Cut 15mm chamfers on bottom of side plates using drop saw

  5. Glue and screw droppers to top and bottom plate and attach side plates

  6. Paint (we used Dulux White on White to match our walls)

  7. Attach to ceiling and roof

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