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It's hard to believe this is even the same verandah, how can a little cladding turn boring posts into something a little amazing.



All martial that can be purchased from either Bunnings or Mitre 10...

I have linked all the Bunnings items we used for this DIY so you can easily shop from the list below.

Before you add to cart make sure you measure up how wide you want your details around the posts so you can make sure you have enough materials for your project.


Primeline Weatherboard

Exterior Corner moulding

Cement Galvinised Nails


Treated Framing Pine

Exterior No More Gaps

Top capping LOSP Treated

Bullet Head Nails

Paint - Dulux Vivid White Aquanamel Gloss Exterior

Firstly grab all your tools and that you will need, We used our Ozito drill and Bessey clamps; the clamps make it easier to hold the timber in place.

Make sure that every thing is level and keep checking, you would be surprised how much even 1mm out can make a huge concern when it comes to sheeting.

Box around the post with framing pine, securing it with galvanised screws and making sure to continue to check that everything is level.

Repeat all steps again for the bottom of the post.

Coco our Labrador puppy likes to think he's "helping'..... he most certainly isn't :) he was more interested in handing out puppy kisses and stealing the tools then helping.

Attach the framing supports for the weatherboard and secure with screws. Cut your sheeting under size by 5mm using a grinder with a cement cutting blade.

Attach the sheeting to the frame by starting at the bottom and clamping in position. Use the level before pilot drilling the sheet and nail the sheet to the frame using the cement sheeting nails. Sit the next panel in place and repeat the process. Once the top piece is resting in position, mark the back edge to the height of the frame and cut waste using grinder. Allow 5mm gap from the bottom of the frame and sheeting to allow water to pass underneath preventing water damage.

Fix the top piece in place with nails, create pilot holes to make it easier to nail.

Cut a small off cut of exterior corner moulding and check that sheeting is not protruding anywhere. Grind off if needed. Measure, cut and secure exterior corner moulding using Galvanised bullet nails angled into the framing pine, again I drilled pilot hole through the cement sheeting.

Measure, mark and cut LOSP pine for capping cutting the mitre joints. This requires checking of joint as you go as your saw may not be cutting 45Deg. Glue with liquid nails or AV515 and nail capping onto frame, allowing glue to dry. Putty holes and sand.

Paint all surfaces with enamel exterior paint for hardwearing using a low nap roller.

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